Tommy (Ly Vinh Hung) is a Vietnamese aspire to be a generalist & entrepreneur. He is a curious young man who love to know the “why” are certain things happening around him & meaning of life. His dream is either to be part of or to build a company that apply the happiness principle into the working morale and make it known as the place of great bottom-up innovation & where people do things that matter.

According to MBTI, his personality trait is the Giver (ENFJ), which means that he is a positive thinker & has strong curiosity. He cares about people feelings and have the ability to motivate people around him while also retain a strong sense of humor. After witnessing death by his own eyes when he was 17, he realized that death makes him know what is truly important in this life.

Death is a destination we all share, we are already naked and there is nothing to lose. There is no reason to follow our heart, be bold to peer pressure and start doing things that matter. He aware that the coffin will close everything, that fame & fortune have less meaning that he thought and that the highest purpose is to contribute to things that bigger than himself & leave the world better off without him although his name might not be remembered by the next generation!

He has a strong interest in places of people that he has the feeling of strong contribution and knows that his effort has made that places or a person change although it might be small. Experiencing in a start-up before, he started to learn many things about how business works (design, coding, digital marketing, customer service, business model) and now strive to understand deeper into those field. In summary, he has these following strengths:

• Entrepreneurial spirit
• Clear “ending” in mind
• Empathy & motivate people
• Willing to learn beyond his field (marketing) to get a bigger picture.

If you believe that he can add value to you with his core value, working experience & strength, catch him @ http://www.tommy.ly – where he posted about his life & his passion weekly or shoot him an e-mail hung.vinh.ly@gmail.com

Finally, I cannot do all these things without you , Mom & Binh Minh ☺. I love you!


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