Today, I’m gonna tell you 1 big part of my life –  my girlfriend – a true companion to share with me  all burden and happiness, tear and joy.

At first, I didn’t know that she will be the kind of person right now- warm, kind & full of affection. She was once a very determined & strong girl, totally oppose from my core value. I was once cannot imagine how am I gonna live with this girl by my side. I was wrong, at least from my perspective. She told me that it just her cover and I has just reveal her true “self” thanks to my habit, that I sticked to a certain core value and will not change until someone told me to do so. Deep down inside, she is a girl who’s very supportive and willing to sacrifice her own benefits to the one she loves. To this day, I want to thank her, and appreciate her:

  • For the moment of deep depression in 2012, when I was struggling with my personal life & lots of bad incidence happened at the same time, she was the one that stayed with me and talked to me to cheer me up. For a whole month, she recognized that I didn’t make a “real” smile. I still remember the time when every night I talked to her more than one hour and constantly called her to assure myself.
  • For the moment when I felt things that I always stood for now drifting apart and may not be true in few circumstances, she was the one who told me not to lose hope and keep that to who really need my affection and people that always stand beside me no mater what.
  • For the moment that I feel myself worthless, she’s the one told me that you can become more than you thought, don’t lose hope and keep moving forward.
  • For the moment when I was drowning with works, she was staying at home and waiting for me and we can go outside and be together.
  • For the moment when I cannot decide what is right for me, she was helping me clarify my choices and support me although I didn’t listen to her.
  • For the moment when I was too hard-headed, she still waited for me to experienced falling down, and helping me to get up
  • For the moment when I need her help, she was always be there for me !
  • For unlike any girl, she’s not demanding for physical things but only the true love.
  • For waiting for me to come back from work and take her to the movie & street food
  • For patiently listening to my story !
  • For accepting me to who I am
  • For being the perfect companion !
  • For being the person who understand me most !
  • For being kind & love to play Hayday!
  • For being with me today and ever after 😀
  • For always say “Hmmmm Gau” 😀