Half the earth, and life still goes on

As a human being, I’m not that special

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These creatures and armors. They were there long before I was born. No matter what I do, I’m just a small piece of sand in this vast universe. To prove that I’m something more than that is merely ignorance. The fact is, we’re just trying so hard to make our path in this world, and sometimes some of us do it better it much better than others.

Entering the world of art, I didn’t know these things before. It just… astonishing

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I feel small when facing mother nature

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Places I haven’t been before

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These people follow their hearts, despite how other people perceive success

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Take my times to explore tech scene in Toronto and Waterloo (Blackberry headquarter and famous college UoW)

We talked about purpose of living, philosophy, history, life’s up & down and how Blackberry “consolidation” affect their life.

People are so vulnerable, they have a family to feed and take care of, and sometimes… they regretted wasting their life in corporate world and didn’t have the gut to follow their heart.

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Gaining new life perspective

2 women function an ambulance, twice my size and told me a story about an old lady has no children or family members . She called an ambulance, fake her hard-breathing, just to have somebody to talk to.

A cab driver earned bachelor degree in Morocco but had to be a taxi driver while learning another degree in hospitality management and support a family of 1 wife and 3 kids in Montreal.


” We don’t meet people (or incidents) by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason”